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What we do

Bold Alternatives is the largest solar installer based in Northeast Ohio and creates solar energy solutions for commercial, residential, and nonprofit customers. What makes us different is that we are based out of Northeast Ohio and take the time to design solutions that will create the maximum amount of electricity possible, install the system, and monitor the system to make sure it is preforming at peak output. We work with the our clients to create a custom financial solution. Depending on the type of property, we will recommend one or two of our four different ways to fund a project. Explore our Learn page to understand more about different ways to fund a solar project and what way would be best for you. In addition to installing and monitoring systems, Bold Alternatives can assist new and current solar PV system owners with sREC registration and sales as well as Operations & Maintenance Contracts. 

Located in Northeast Ohio, we assure all potential customers that it is possible for solar arrays to produce electricity in our cool cloudy climate. Solar arrays actually work better in cooler climates and still produce electricity when it is cloudy. For example, one of our recent residential projects on a home in Auburn produces more than enough electricity to power their home. This customer sells the excess electricity to the grid and receives a credit from the utility company. 

who we are


Rob founded Bold Alternatives in 2007, and since then has been dedicated to enlightening the world through solar technology. He has has extensive technical and business experience from his time with the US Navy, Lincoln Electric and several innovated small businesses. Rob is a NABCEP certified solar PV installer and designer. ​

The design team at Bold Alternatives is experienced in creating unique solar energy solutions that look great and produce the maximum amount of electricity possible. 

The company

​Bold Alternatives was founded in 2007 as an environmentally sound, veteran owned small business. We understand and genuinely care for our clients and the environment. To that end, we believe that action is needed to make our world more sustainable. Solar power is a simple and technically elegant solution for our energy demands and pollution problems. Solutions require action- oriented individuals to invest and work with us to create a solar energy solution.

Here at Bold Alternatives, we specialize in creating custom solar solutions that will help you take control of your energy future. Our experienced team provides superior customer service in solar technology. Each system is custom designed and professionally installed to ensure our systems produce more kWh than installed kW. In other words, for every watt that is installed, our systems will produce the maximum amount of electricity. For example; one of our 104 kW systems produces between 120,000 and 136,000 kWh annually. 


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P (216) 236-3786

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Bold Alternatives provides solar energy solutions to transform energy consumption into energy production. We offer expertise, assistance, and ongoing service to help turn ideas into completed projects. Our solar PV systems produce more kWh per installed kW.